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How to Fix an HP Officejet J5780


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The HP Officejet J5780 is all-in-one budget inkjet printer developed by Hewlett-Packard. The printer is aimed at home and small business users. With a suggested beginning retail cost of $150, the printer can deal with most print, copy, scan and fax jobs. A few users may once in a while experience issues when attempting to print on the Officejet J5780.


  • Clean the Officejet J5780. Dirt, smudges and fingerprints on the printer’s glass plate can result in low quality scanning, photocopying and printing. It will likewise affect the performance of software, for example, the scanner’s capacity to change over scanned text into editable documents. Turn off the J7580, and lift the front of the printer to uncover the scanning bed. Spray non-grating glass cleaner on the glass plate, and gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Dry with another clean cloth.
  • Update both the HP Officejet PC software and the J5780’s inside firmware. HP updates its printer software regularly to resolve any commonly experienced programming errors. Turn on the Officejet J5780, and connect it to your PC utilizing its USB cable. Visit the official Officejet J5780 site (see Resources), and download the latest version of the printer’s basic driver. Moreover, download any available basic software updates. Double- clicks each downloaded file to start the automated update process. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation procedure.
  • Replace the printer’s ink cartridges. Low ink levels and defective cartridge administering may result in faded colors, streaks and general decreased printing quality. Open the front panel of the J5780 by tenderly pulling the plastic panel forward. Pull every cartridge firmly up and toward you. Supplant with either HP 75 black and color cartridges, a combo HP 74/75 black and color combo cartridge, or a HP 99 color cartridge proposed for superior quality photo printing.
  • Check the USB cable for connection issues. A defective USB cable can cause of errors when attempting to scan, print or fax utilizing the J5780. Disconnect the USB cable and try at utilizing it with another USB device or PC appliance. If it doesn’t work with another device, replace it with another USB cable.
  • Inspect for paper jams. A clogged piece of paper from an old print job might cause continuous jammed printing jobs, different errors on the printer’s LCD screen and low printer quality. Press the back board’s left tab to uncover the J5780’s paper sustain systems. Turn the rollers with your finger to push out any stuck pieces of paper. Close the panel firmly until it clicks.

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