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How to Fix an HP Officejet 4200


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The HP Officejet 4200 is an all-in-one printer series that includes models that permit you to fax, scan, copy and print all from one device. The Officejet 4200 is typically utilized by little and home based businesses that desire to reduce cutter by utilizing an all-in-one machine. If your machine begins to malfunction, you can play out some troubleshooting in order to figure out the reason of the issue on your own.


  • Check the status of your printer. On your Task Tray at the base of your screen, you will see an icon for your HP Officejet 4200. Right-click on the icon order to see the status of the printer. If there’s an issue, an error message will pop up on screen and ordinarily give directions on how to resolve issue.
  • Inspect all cables for your HP Officejet 4200. Ensure the printer is connected to a working outlet and that the USB cable from the printer is connected with your PC’s hard drive. If you are attempting to fax, your printer must be connected with a phone wall jack.
  • Clean and align the HP Officejet 4200 ink cartridges. If you experience an issue printing, for example, poor ink quality, you can clean and adjust the printer cartridges as a major aspect of your troubleshooting. To do this, press the “Setup” key on the front of your HP Officejet 4200. Enter the number “5” to get to the “Tools” menu. Select “1” to clean the print cartridge and after that “2” to adjust the cartridge.
  • Reinstall the HP Officejet 4200 software. If the essential icons (Scan, Send Fax, Image Zone) fail to work or don’t install during your initial setup, perform a reinstall. To do this, delete all of HP printer files under “Add/Remove Programs.” Then insert the CD-ROM included with your printer and take after the wizard instructions to install the fundamental icons. Other software issues can also be resolved by reinstalling the HP software.
  • Restore the factory default settings. Restoring the factory defaults can resolve different scanning, printing and faxing issues. To restore the default settings, press “Setup” and “5” to again get to the “Tool” menu. Hitting the number “3” will restore the HP Officejet 4200’s defaults.


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