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How to Fix an HP 8500


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The HP Laserjet 8500 prints higher volumes of documents, making it a good solution for work group on a network. Because multiple people depend on the printer to perform their job duties, any issues that emerge with the printer must be resolved quickly. By troubleshooting the issues yourself, you might have the able to resolve the issues in a matter of a couple of minutes- – instead of waiting few hours for a technician to troubleshoot the printer.


Chromic Paper Jams

  • Remove the paper from the printer’s input trays. Review the paper for damage, and replace it with fresh, clean paper.
  • Fan through the pile of paper to check whether it is sticking together. Turn the paper around 180 degrees, flip the stack over and put it in the input tray.
  • Press the paper stack gently, yet firmly, into the input tray with the stays that it remains under the tabs in the trays. Adjust the paper guides so they touch the margins of the paper.
  • Open the printer’s front door and remove the print cartridge. Place a level on the highest point of the printer to ensure it is on a level surface. If it isn’t, place little wood blocks or different materials under the different corners of the printer to make it level. Re-install the print cartridge.
  • If the paper jams proceed with, take the printer to a repair shop or have a technician service it. Certain internal parts might be worn out or improperly installed.

Beeping While Operating

  • A surge defender or uninterrupted power supply (UPS) may not permit sufficient voltage through to the printer. HP printers don’t have built in speakers and are hence incapable for making any beeping or squealing sounds.

If you hear any noises coming from your printer, it is likely connected with an UPS or surge defender. Locate the printer’s power cord. If the cord is, indeed, connected to a surge defender or UPS, verify that these things are working properly (flashing lights,etc.).

  • Unplug the printer from the surge defender or UPS. Connect the power cord specifically to an electrical outlet. Send a print job to the printer to test its execution.
  • If the printer won’t print or prints slowly, unplug it from the electrical outlet and connect it into another outlet to an alternate location.
  • If the printer work well plugged directly to an outlet, discontinue utilizing a surge defender or UPS with the printer.



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