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How to Fix a WiFi Connection on Windows XP


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You may at times encounter problems with your Wi-Fi connection: It may slow down, become inaccessible or unstable. When you bump into these problems, you have to consider several factors and troubleshoot by trial and error before you are able to solve the problem. Follow some specific steps to fix your Wi-Fi connection problems in no time.

Turn off your wireless router. Leave it that way for at least one minute, and turn it on again. Do the same with your external modem.

Restart your computer. If your wireless connection has slowed down, it may have occurred because your computer has slowed down as well. If you have had it running for several hours, a reboot may solve the problem.

Download the latest driver for your wireless network adapter. Most Wi-Fi connection problems have to do with software; update the driver of your hardware to allow it to function properly. To update your device driver, click “Start” and then “Run.” Type “devmgmt.msc” (without the quotes) to load the “Device Manager” window. Click the (+) sign beside it, then right-click on the name of your wireless device. Select “Update Driver,” and follow the instructions of the “Hardware Update Wizard.” Reboot your computer.

“Repair” your wireless connection. This feature basically disables and then enables your wireless adapter and then reconnects it to the network. To do this, click on “Start” and then “Control Panel.” Select “Network Connections,” then right-click on your “Wireless Network Connection.” From the menu options, select “Repair.” Wait for Windows XP to renew the connection, and see whether it solves the problem.

Look at your modem. If one of the LED lights is off, it may indicate a service outage in your area. Call your Internet service provider for further assistance. If the connection problem has not resulted from an Internet downtime, the modem itself may be causing the problem. Press your modem’s “Reset” button—usually found the back of the modem. If this does not solve the problem, consider replacing your modem.

Ensure that you have properly plugged in the Ethernet cable the connects the modem with the wireless router. If you have properly plugged it in but the router does not detect an Internet connection or the “Internet” LED light is off, the Ethernet cable may be malfunctioning or require replacement.

Move the wireless router to a better location. Do not place it under tables, inside closets or in places that can prevent the router from emitting a stronger signal.


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