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How to Fix a Photosmart All-In-One Printer


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The HP Photosmart All-In-One printers are a line of inkjet devices that function as printer, copier and scanner. A portion of the higher end models additionally have faxing abilities. Models from the line include the HP Photosmart C4680, HP Photosmart D5460, HP Photosmart A636 and the HP Photosmart B8850. General troubleshooting technique applies to these printers. For more particular instructions for your model, refer to your user’s manual.


  • Visit the Support and Drivers page on the Hewlett Packard site. From here, you can download the latest printer software and as well as driver updates for your printer in order to resolve many printing problems.
  • Disable anti-virus programs. If you are unable to install the software or drivers required for your HP Photosmart All-In-One printer, you may need to disable your anti-virus program during the intallation procedure.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer to the PC. Restart your PC and connect it back to so that the printer can be perceived by the PC. Test the USB cable and also the power strip for the AC plug to ensure both are in working order.
  • Remove the paper tray to check whether paper is loaded properly. Avoid over-loading the paper tray and check that the right size paper is loaded based of the tray’s adjustment. While the paper tray is removed, you should check for paper jams in the HP Photosmart All-In-One.
  • Press the “Setup” key on your HP Photosmart All-In-One to review your preferences. Scroll through the alternatives to ensure the correct language, country and time is set.



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