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How to Fix a Lexmark Printer


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If your Lexmark inkjet or laser printer is printing erratically, printing incorrect colors or not functioning at all, you don’t need to return the unit or find a service center for a repair immediately. There are a series of simple troubleshooting steps you can follow at home to fix the printer on your own.

  • Check to make sure the printer’s AC adapter is firmly plugged into a wall outlet and its USB cable is connected to the USB port on your computer. Try plugging the AC adapter into a different wall outlet, in case your outlet has stopped working or try a different USB cable in the event that it has gone bad. Pop open the top cover of the printer and check to see if any paper is jammed inside and needs to be physically removed.
  • Open the plastic cover over the ink cartridges or laser toner and pull them out. Check the orientation of the ink or toner. Replace them to make sure they are properly installed. Snap the plastic cover back into place.
  • Read the information on the LCD screen that shows the printer’s status if you have a Lexmark laser printer. Check to see if there is a specific error message being displayed and then consult your manual to see what steps can be taken to fix the problem. Take the printer to a Lexmark authorized service center or purchase your own maintenance kit and replace the print head if you see the error message “Error 80 Scheduled Maintenance”. Remove and then return the toner cartridge if you see the error message “Error 20.” Replace the cartridge entirely if you see the error message “Error 31,” which indicates a defective cartridge.
  • Power your computer off and then back on. Attempt to print your document again in case your computer stopped recognizing your printer temporarily. Click “Start” on your task bar and then access the Control Panel. Choose the option to “Remove Programs.” Uninstall the Lexmark software you installed when you first setup your printer. Locate the CD or floppy disk that came with your printer and put it in your computer. Follow the instructions on the screen to re-install the software.
  • Access the Control Panel again. Click “Printers.” Verify that your Lexmark printer is in the list of available printers. Click “Add a Printer” if your printer is not showing up. Follow the instructions to add your printer. Navigate back to the Control Panel and click “Devices.” Click on the plus sign next to “Printer” and then right-click on the name of your printer. Click “Settings” and then click “Drivers.” Download the new software if a more up-to-date driver is available.
  • Open the Lexmark printer software by double-clicking on its desktop icon or navigating to it through the Start bar. Click on the option to print a test alignment page to ensure that your printer is now working properly.


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