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How to Fix a Lexmark 2400 Series


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The Lexmark 2400 series of form printers encompasses four models–the 2480, 2481, 2490 and 2491–with some minor physical differences and variation in features. Lexmark 2400 series printers include both USB and parallel printer ports. Unless you are operating an older computer, you will likely connect the printer to your pc via a USB port. Check all cables for defects prior to pursuing additional fixing steps and try to print with a second USB or parallel cable if available.


Fix via the Test Page Feature

  • Disconnect the printer from your computer, and power off the printer.
  • Hold the “LineFeed” button on the printer’s operator panel, and press the “On” button. Release the “LineFeed” button once the printer starts printing its test page.
  • Examine the test page once it has printed, and follow any directions given on the page. Processed if the test page does not report errors.

Fix Printouts That Are Too Light

  • Lift the printer ribbon access cover at the top of the printer.
  • Turn the printer so that you are facing the back of the Lexmark 2400.
  • Turn the ribbon density control knob on the top of the ribbon cartridge to the “2” setting.
  • Close the cover, and turn the printer so that the front faces you again.

Restore the Printer to Factory Default Settings

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Open the ribbon access cover.
  • Move the print head, the part of the printer that actually prints ink to the paper, to the far left or to the same side of the printer as the operator panel until it stops.
  • Close the ribbon access cover.
  • Hold down the “Tear Off” and “Load/Unload” buttons on the operator panel while you press the “On” button.
  • Release the “Tear Off” and “Load/Unload” buttons after the carrier moves and the operator panel lights blink several times.



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