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How to Fix a HP 1200 Printer


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The HP LaserJet 1200 is a high- quality PC printer designed particularly to interface with the Windows operating system. If you're having any issues with your HP LaserJet 1200, they could be because of any number of things. Fortunately, it is very rare that you won't be able to fix a specific issue on your  own in just several minutes by simply troubleshooting a couple of common solutions for issues with this unit.


  • Make sure that your HP LaserJet 1200 printer is associated with your PC and turned on. A single USB cable ought to be connected to both the LaserJet 1200 and into your PC at a USB port. If this cable is not present, you won't be able to utilize your printer. In like manner, the printer should be on at all circumstances when you attempt to utilize it. Press the “Power” Button to turn the unit on.
  • Install the printer-driver software. Packaged with your HP LaserJet 1200 printer was a CD-ROM. Put this CD-ROM into your PC and click on the “Install” button to install the fundamental software to work your HP LaserJet 1200 printer. Restart your PC. You ought to now have the able to utilize your printer as normal.
  • Change your ink cartridges. The ink levels of the HP LaserJet 1200 printer are not limitless – eventually you will need to go to the store and purchase replacement ink cartridges for your unit. If you're attempting to print out a color record and certain colors are not showing up accurately or by any means, this means you're low on ink. Purchase perfect ink cartridges from a store and afterward replace the unfilled ones from your unit to keep on using your HP LaserJet 1200 as intended.
  • Reset your HP LaserJet 1200. Just as with a PC, your HP LaserJet 1200 has internal memory. If an error gets stored in the unit's memory, it could make it print documents inaccurately. Unplug your HP LaserJet 1200 from the divider and let it sit unplugged for a couple of minutes (normally two minutes will be sufficient). This will reset the unit's memory. Plug it back to and attempt to print your record once more.


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