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How to Fix a Canon PIXMA MP780


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The Canon Pixma MP780 is an all-in- one photo printer. It scans, copies, and prints content and photos. The paper plate is in the back of the machine and outputs paper to the front. Documents load on the side and output specifically underneath the tray. Normal printer issues include being not able print, spotty printing, printing with broken- up lines, lack of force and jams. In order to resolve your printing issue, you can attempt fundamental troubleshooting steps to avoid from sending your system for support or replacing it.


  • Clear a paper jam if the error display up on the LCD. If you see any paper, remove it. If you can’t perceive any paper, remove the paper output tray to remove jammed paper. You may also need to raise the scanning unit to remove both internal covers to get to the paper. If you frequently experience paper jams, check to guarantee the roller is perfect and paper is not sticking together or overloaded.
  • Look at the LCD. If nothing shows up on the screen, ensure you have connected the printer to a power source. Check, no doubt, the printer is turned on and that you have not accidentally the power. Try utilizing an alternate power cord or connect it to a different outlet.
  • Re-connect the phone jack if you can’t send or receive faxes. Check that the phone line is connected to safely and try utilizing another phone wire, particularly if your current one seems to be damaged in some way. Re-check the fax number you are sending the document to. If the document faxes foggy, check that the document screen is not dirty and the first original document is clear.
  • Replace the ink tanks if the “ink empty” message shows on the LCD screen. Another sign that you have to replace the ink is whether you have blank or falling apart quality in your pages. Utilize the built-in ink measure your ink levels regularly.
  • Clean or align the print head if your pages have streaks. Utilize the feed switch to feed the paper into the printer and press “menu” on the LCD screen until “maintenance” shows up. Press “ok” to print a nozzle check. If the lines are broken, you need to perform a printer head cleaning, accessible through the “maintenance” option. Utilize the “auto head align” option to align the head. Your heads are clean if the boxes print without streaks and are for the most part strong.


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