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How to Find Proseries Tax Software Files


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Proseries is one of the most popular tax preparation software packages available. It is created by Intuit, the makers of Turbo Tax and Quickbooks, and is a mid-range-priced package. At issue is how one find the tax files once they are saved onto your computer, this is a relatively easy task and does there are a couple of ways to do so.

Finding Proseries Files

  • Choose where you want to save your files. Upon installing the Proseries software, one of the first questions it will ask is where you want to store the files. If you don’t already have a location in mind, it will automatically assign a location. The default location is C:\ProWinXX\XXData with the XX being the tax year of the files you are searching for.
  • Know information of the client’s file you are searching for. The default name Proseries gives to it’s files uses the first four letters of the taxpayers last name and the last four numbers of their social security number. A 2009 return for Mr. Smith, social security number 123-45-6789 would have a file at C:\ProWin09\09Data\SMIT6789.
  • Use the search feature on the computer the file is on. If all else fails and you cannot find the files, it is possible that they were stored in another area in your computer. While the location may change the names on the files won’t. Use the extension that the Proseries uses for all files that extension (for a 2009 return) would be .09i for individual returns, .09p for partnership returns, .09c for C-Corp returns and .09s for S-Corp returns. Enter the extension in the search box including the period before the tax year and the search feature will seek it out.
  • Check your network. If after all this you cannot find the file on the computer you are using, it is possible that the person who installed the Proseries may have set the default to send all files to the main computer in your network, or to the network drive.


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