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How to Find a Lost QuickBooks Product & License Number?


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QuickBooks is a financial application created by Intuit. Specifically, QuickBooks is the big sister to Quicken, which is better for personal financial reporting than small business reporting. The product can shave hours off everything from doing payroll to taxes. In order use certain functions, you may need to provide a license or product number. If you can’t find a key code, you can submit your information into the QuickBooks system. If your information is registered, it will either return your product key information or provide instructions on your next steps and you would be recover quick books license:

Obtain the original box your software came in. Search for the product label or outside sticker. If the product or license number is not available, you can sometimes enter the key code as the license number. If you do not see a product number, enter “043709” as the product number.

Use the QuickBooks License and Key Code Lookup.

Enter your last name and phone number associated with the account. If the tool cannot find your product and license number or key code, the link will provide you with a specific number to contact for customer service, which can help you further.

Obtain required proof of purchase. If you need to contact customer service, you will need to provide with your order number from the packing slip or the order status page online. If you purchased from a company other than Intuit, fax your proof of purchase to (520) 844-6451 before calling customer service to expedite the process. Include company name, contact information, store sales receipt, box bottom (where UPC code is), CD holder (where license is usually located), and the front of the actual program CD.


If you are facing any kind of issues call us on Quickbook Product License Support +1-800-293-9401.

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