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How to download and install driver software for a HP Printer


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If your HP printer is not working or if you are unable to access your HP printer, it’s possible that there is some problem with your HP printer drivers, and there could be a possibility that issue could be any of the followings:

You have upgraded your HP printer but have not installed the latest driver for the printer, or it could be possible that you have upgraded your Windows operating system and the old HP printer drivers are not compatible with your new Windows operating system,or you might have accidentally removed the HP printer drivers file.

Here it is explained how to identify if the problem is driver related and how to download and install the latest HP printer drivers to fix the issue.

Use the Device Manager to identify the problem, If the issue is due to outdated or missing HP printer drivers, it will appear in Device Manager. You can access the Device Manager by performing the following steps:

Open Control Panel

Double-click “System”

Click “Device Manager”

All the installed hardware will appear in the Device Manager. Look for your HP device. If you see a question mark, exclamation point, or a yellow triangle next to your HP device, it means that there is some problem with your HP device.

You can fix the problem by downloading and installing the latest HP printer drivers. However, first note down your HP device’s make and model number, as you will need this information when locating the correct driver on HP’s official website. This information is displayed in Device Manager, next to your HP device.

How to locate the right Driver on HP’s website

To download a HP Driver from HP’s website you will need to follow these steps:

Log on to

Go to Drivers & Software and enter your product name/number in the Search box

Click the “Search” button

Select your Windows operating system version from the drop-down menu

And Click the “Next” button

All the drivers and software available for the product and your Windows system will be displayed

Click Driver – Product Installation Software and download required driver for the printer

Save the driver file (.exe) in a suitable place, such as your desktop

 How to install the HP printer driver

To install the printer driver, simply double-click the HP printer driver file that you have downloaded and follow the onscreen instructions. You may need to restart Windows after installation is complete.

 How to get Automatic Driver Updates

Using a Driver Update Tool can be a simpler and more effective way of fixing driver-related errors. There are many advantages of using a Driver Update Tool, such as:

Speed  searching for Drivers can be time-consuming and frustrating

Reliability – Driver Downloader Driver Update Tool has one of the web’s largest databases of Device Drivers

Efficiency – Driver Downloader will update your required Drivers (by exact-matching to your PC’s specific requirements) and will keep these Drivers up-to-date as new versions are released

Driver Downloader is one the web’s most trusted and comprehensive Driver Update Programs. By downloading Driver Downloader you can instantly resolve your drivers problems by scanning your PC for outdated, missing or corrupt drivers, which are then automatically updated to the most compatible version.


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