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How to Diagnose Sound Problems on Laptop


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If the speakers on your laptop appear to have stopped working, it’s likely that you or a program on your computer has made a change to your audio settings. A little rooting around should quickly solve the problem.

Test Your Hardware

Make sure that the volume on your machine is turned up and that you don’t have anything plugged into your headphone out ports that could be routing your sound away from your speakers. If you don’t hear anything, try connecting a pair of headphones to see if there’s a problem with your speakers.

Check Your Software

In Windows, go to the “Control Panel” through the “Start” menu, click on “Hardware and Sound” and then on “Sound.” Depending on the software installed on your machine, select your laptop’s speakers and headphones tab and ensure that the volume is turned up in the “Levels” section and that “Device Usage” is enabled. Return to “Control Panel,” select the option for your sound card and make sure the levels are correct in the “Playback” section. Again, paths may differ depending upon the software you’re running. Also ensure that the volume is turned up on any media player you’re using.


If you’re still experiencing problems, run an anti-virus scan. Your laptop may have become infected with a virus affecting its audio output.


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