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How to delete outlook Email


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If you are using Outlook or another email provider there might be times that you will want or need to delete email but are unable to. If there are issues being encountered when using Outlook deleting emails take a look below at some ways to fix the issues?

The first thing to try to help if you cannot delete your email is by selecting the file and pressing the delete key. Although this may sound simple sometimes pressing a different key by accident will make the appearance that you cannot delete an email. If this does not work try right clicking on the file and when the drop down menu appears select delete. This should help resolve the problem if you cannot delete your email.

If this does not work and you still cannot delete the desired email try holding down the shift key while you are selecting the file to delete. This will highlight the file and many times help to resolve the issue where you cannot delete the email.

If this does not assist with the issue try to disable the preview pane as sometimes this will make it so that you cannot delete your email. To do this simply click on the menu tab and choose View. Once this screen is up choose layout and deselect Preview Pane. In many instances the preview pane will prevent you from being able to delete a specific email as the preview is viewing the data and will not let go of it.

Another reason that you might not be able to delete your email is if your system has become out of date. To ensure that this is not the reason that you cannot delete your email, make sure that all your systems required drivers, patches, and service packs are up to date. Failure to keep your system current will often create many issues within the system and can be a reason that you cannot delete your emails, amongst other things.

Another way to resolve the issue of not being able to delete your email is to recreate your inbox. However this is a more advanced way of dealing with the ability to delete your email and not recommended for any users with less than advanced knowledge.

The final way to help if you cannot delete your email is to run a full system scan with a registry cleaner. As many of Outlooks files are initiated and interact with the Windows registry there are many times when running a registry scan can help to resolve the if you cannot delete emails.


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