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How to Defrag Your Computer


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If you have had a computer for a while you might have noticed that it has slowed down from the day that you originally purchased it. If it appears, or feels, that your system has slowed down day by day then there are a couple of things that might be causing this.

The first thing that is usually the reason for a computer slowing down is a usually due to fragmentation of the hard drive.

Although this sounds like a big issue there are actually three ways to deal with a fragmented hard drive which will be explained below.

The first thing that can be done is to use the Windows tool which will guide you how to defrag your computer.

To do this all you will have to do is follow these instructions:

Right click on the hard drive, which will open a drop down menu.

Left click on the Properties tab.

A new screen will open, and you will want to click on the Tools tab.

Left click on Defragment Now.

Once you have done this the Windows Defrag tool will start and this is how to defrag your computer within the Windows operating system.

The next way how to defrag your computer is to reformat your system. This is essentially removing the operating system and manually re-installing it. It must be noted that if you are choosing this method to defrag your computer that you may lose all your customized and personal data.

This method is a lot more work, and also comes with the highest expense as far as time and possibility of losing data.

The final way how to defrag your computer is to get a third party application.

Many times these applications have additional ways to defrag your computer system beyond what the basic Windows Defrag Tool has.

A Windows system is similar to a filing system and when you add and remove programs over and over then sometimes the system will get a lot slower. This is why it is always important to keep the system in correct order by continually defragging the system.


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