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How to Create an Invoice Email


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More companies are sending their invoices via email, saving the business time and money. The company does not have to take the time to print out the invoices, thus saving money on paper and envelopes. In addition, the business does not have to pay anyone to stuff the invoices into envelopes or pay for the postage to get it to the customer.

Email Invoices

  • Create the invoice. Choose a popular software program like Microsoft Word. That way, you can be assured that your customers will be able to open the invoice you send as an attachment. You can also use customized invoicing software, as long as you can save your work as a .pdf file. Include the date you created the invoice, the date the customer purchased the goods/services, an invoice number, the name and contact information for your company, the name and contact information for your customer, a description of the goods/services purchased, a breakdown of the costs for each item, the amount of goods/services bought, a subtotal, tax, shipping, other charges, the total amount of the invoice, and when payment is due.
  • Create the email. If you have many invoices to send, you can create a generic body for each email, then customize it for the clients, based on what they bought. Make sure to include your name, title, company name, business address, phone number, and return email address.
  • Attach the invoice or copy and paste it in the body of the email. As long as the invoice doesn’t contain a great deal of graphics, you should be able to attach it to the email. Be aware that some companies bounce back files with attachments and mark them as spam. So make sure you send a follow up email, seeking to confirm that your client received the invoice. If he didn’t, copy and paste the contents into the body of your email. You may lose some of your formatting, but at least the main information will get there, allowing you to get paid.
  • Send the email. Find out the specific email address of the person who handles accounts payable at the company you are invoicing. Also, make sure you know whether copies need to be sent to other people in order to expedite payment. Then send the email to all the necessary recipients.


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