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How to Configure HP Laserjet Printers


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Large-format printers like the Hewlett Packard line of LaserJets allow businesses, and even home users, to share their printing resources with everyone on their networks. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple desktop printers, and it simplifies the process of sending jobs to the printer. Before you can start printing jobs to your HP LaserJet printer, you must first configure it properly.

  • Click on the printer’s “Menu” button. Click the “Item” button until the “EIO” menu appears.
  • Click the “Value” button until the “DHCP” appears. Use the “Value” button to select “Yes” or “No.” If you set the DHCP option to “Yes,” the printer will automatically pick up an IP address from your network. Selecting “No” to DHCP allows you to set your own IP address. The choice you make will depend on your network configuration–if you are not sure which to use, ask your network administrator.
  • Change the DHCP value to “No” if you wish to set your own IP address. Use the “Item” button to scroll to the “Configure TCP/IP” option and change the value to “Yes.” Click “Select” to confirm your choice.
  • Set each byte in the IP address using the “Item” button. These choices will appear as “IP Byte 1,” “IP Byte 2,” “IP Byte 3” and “IP Byte 4.” Use the “Value” button to configure the IP address you wish. Each byte in the IP address will be a number between 0 and 255, so a typical IP address would be The exact IP address will be determined by your network administrator.


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