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How to Configure HP Deskjet 3845


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Lost your installation compact disc that along with the product? Or maybe did total destruction pc recovery and needed to install it once more? For reasons unknown it possibly, you truly don’t need to go insane finding the compact disc where you stored it just to install the HP Deskjet 3845. You can download it online and install it on your PC. Here’s a simple to take after instructional exercise with screen shot pictures that will help you on the most proficient method to install a 3845 HP Deskjet.


  • Go to the site listed at the resources section at the bottom of this article. That is the place will download HP Deskjet 3845. Click on “Software and Driver Downloads.”
  • Select your operating system on the list.
  • A list of “compatible software and drivers will appear.” Choose which one you need to download.
  • CLICK on “Download Only” to download software. Choose “Save FILE” when pop up box show up.
  • Find the file from your folder and click it. An alert will show up, stating that “the application may depend upon other compacted files in the folder.” Click on the “Extricate All” button to extract files.
  • You can then proceed with the means after the file extraction was finished. Click “Run to start the installation procedure. Take after the guidelines.
  • Once installed successfully, a Congratulatory message will show up expressing that HP Deskjet 3840 had been installed. Do not to be confused with respect to why it’s a HP Deskjet 3840 as the article is about HP Deskjet 3845. As you choose your operating system, as for example Microsoft Windows XP, a list of “good software and drivers” will show up, and the most perfect driverwill be the 3840, which is good with HP Deskjet 3845 and with Microsoft Windows XP.


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