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How to Configure a Wireless Printer on a Mac


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Wireless printers can be utilized in a home office or business office so that one printer can service many PCs. With a wireless printer, you can print documents from a Mac PC without specifically connecting the PC to the printer. This is useful in offices where network wiring does not exist or in transitory offices where you would prefer not to invest the time and cash to install a wired network. You also may want a wireless printer in your home so that all family PCs can print to only one printer without cluttering up your home with cables.


  • Select your Wi-Fi network utilizing the printer’s built-in controls. You might be prompted to enter your network username and password if it is a secured network.
  • Install on your Mac the necessary printer driver from the CD that came with your printer. If no CD came with your printer, go to the manufacturer’s site and download the software for your printer model.

Select “system Preferences” from the Dock.

  • Select the “Print and Fax” control panel in the Hardware section.
  • Click the “+” symbol on the left side of the control panel.
  • Select the “IP” tab at the highest point of the pop- up window and choose “Internet Protocol IPP” from the list of available protocols.
  • Type in your wireless printer’s IP address and queue name.


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