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How to Configure a Canon PIXMA MP560 Printer to a Wireless MacBook Pro


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The Canon PIXMA MP560 consolidates the functionality of a flatbed scanner and an inkjet printer into a single, multipurpose device. The MP560 is perfect with Apple’s OS X operating system, and users of laptop computers as the MacBook Pro can connect with the device wirelessly; the printer supports 802.11b/g and 802.11n network. However, in order to configure the device for wireless utilize, you will initially need to enter your wireless network’s SSID and encryption key.


Initial Setup

  • Examine the printer’s rear panel and find the power port, situated in the lower-right corner. Plug one end of the power cord into the power port. Plug the remaining end of the cord into a nearby outlet. Find the operation unit, situated on the front-left corner of the top panel. Lift the operation unit upward and press the power button on the control panel underneath.
  • Examine the LCD screen inset in the operation unit. Utilize the arrow buttons on the control panel to choose the desired language setting. Press the “OK” button to confirm your choice. Look at the LCD screen and press the “OK” button a second time when prompted.
  • Grip the front edge of the printer’s scanning unit, situated at the highest point of the device. Lift the front edge upward to access the printer’s inside. Wait for the print head holder to move into view. Lift the lever on the print head holder. Install the print head into the holder and lower the lever.
  • Examine the color coded label affixed to the top point of the print head. Install each ink tank into the appropriately colored slot on the print head. Push down on the highest point of each ink tank until they snap into position.
  • Lift the front edge of the scanning unit upward until it separates from the locked position. Bring down the scanning unit back to its original position. Look at the LCD screen and wait until the printer prompts you to load the device with paper before continuing.
  • Find the paper guides Installed in the paper cassette. Slide the guides toward the edges of the paper cassette. Insert a stack of plain paper into the paper cassette. Slide the guides inward until they touch the edges of the stack. Insert the paper cassette into the slot situated close to the bottom edge of the printer’s front panel. Press the “OK” button.

Wireless Configuration

  • Return to the printer’s home menu by pressing the button on the control panel labeled with a symbol of a house. Run your fingertip over the arrow buttones until the “SETTINGS” choice shows up on the LCD screen, then press “OK.” Use the arrow buttones to choose “Wireless LAN setup” and press “OK.” Select “Yes” and press “OK.”
  • Select the option labeled “Simple Settings” and press “OK.” Select the wireless access to point that matches your network’s SSID and press “OK.” Run your fingertip over the arrow buttons to choose the main character of your network’s encryption key. Press the correct arrow button to move to the following character. Input whatever remains of the encryption enter in this way. Press “OK.” Confirm that you have entered the correct encryption key, and then press “OK” twice. Come back to the printer’s home menu.
  • Insert the installation disc into your MacBook Pro’s optical drive. Look at the desktop and double click on the symbol named “CANON_IJ.” Double-click on the symbol marked “SETUP” and take after the on-screen instructions; when prompted, select “Utilize printer on system.”


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