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How to Add Notes to Quickbooks


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Sometimes a QuickBooks user may want to add some information to a customer’s or vendor’s file that doesn’t need to be shared with everyone. This information would be referred to as a “Note.” This note may be personal information about an issue that the customer or vendor is going through, such as a family member’s illness. Keeping information like this can help you form a relationship with your customer or vendor beyond the typical customer/vendor relationship.

Or, you may want to add notes regarding shipping issues or other business related issues that don’t need to be viewed by the customer or vendor.

Adding Notes for Customers to See

Open the “Create Invoices” window by clicking the “Create Invoices” icon. When the invoice window opens, locate the “Customer Message” box. This box is located in the lower left corner above the “To Be Printed” box. This box is for notes you wish the customer to be able to see. Anything typed here will be printed on the invoice when it is printed. Some businesses use this box to put a phrase like, “Thank you for your business.”

Click the “Sales Receipt” icon to open the “Sales Receipt” window. Click on the “Customer Message” box in the lower left corner above the “To Be Printed” box. This same procedure can be used on estimates, credit memos and sales orders. The “Customer Message” box is in the same location on all forms.

Open the Check Register. Click on the “Lists” button in the top menu bar and scroll down to the “Chart of Accounts” option and click. Locate the “Checking Account” and double click on it. When the register opens, enter the check number in the number box located to the right of the “Date” box. Enter in the name of the customer you are issuing a check to and then click the “Memo” box, which is to the right of the “Account” box. Any note you enter here will be seen by the customer in the memo line of the check when printed.

Adding Private Notes on Customers or Vendors

Click the “Customer Center” icon on the QuickBooks home screen. Click on the name of the customer you wish to enter a note about. When the window opens, locate the “Edit Notes” tab in the center of the window.

Click the “Edit Notes” tab. A small window will open with six tabs to choose from. If it is important for you to keep a date and time on notes entered, click the “Date Stamp” tab first. Enter the text of your note and this will appear on screen for your eyes, but will never be communicated to the customer. Click on the “OK” tab to save the note to the customer file.

Click the “New To Do” tab if the note you are entering is to remind you to begin or complete a task. When you click the “New To Do” tab, a smaller window will open and you can enter the reminder note and a chosen date for the QuickBooks software to remind you of that new task.

Open the “Vendor Center” window by clicking on the icon in the top icon bar. If you need to enter a note for a specific vendor, you can open the vendor center and create a note that a vendor will not see. You use the same procedure for entering a note for a customer here in the vendor window.


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