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How to Activate Microsoft Office without a Product Key


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Microsoft Office is a desktop publishing suite collection with several applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Publishing. In most cases, when the program is installed from a disc, the product key must be present in order for the software to be activated successfully. But, there is also an online version that enables you to activate the software with just a temporary key. This version can be downloaded and installed directly from the Microsoft Support Center. While usage is not permanent with this version of Microsoft Office, it will run successfully for an adequate amount of time with the temporary key.

Open your Internet browser, and access the Microsoft Office Official Website.

Click the “Download a Trial” link, which will be displayed on the Microsoft Office home page. Then, click “Try It Now.” You will be prompted to create a user account for your software registration.

Fill in the suggested data fields to complete the software registration, and click “Sign-Up” to proceed.

Select the “Install Now” action once the software registration screen redirects. The Microsoft redirect page will also provide a temporary product key for activation.

Record the temporary product key that will be displayed on the Microsoft redirect page. Then, click “Run” when the pop-up File Download window opens to begin the Microsoft Office installation and activation. The Microsoft Installer Wizard will open on your computer.

Use the Microsoft Installer Wizard to complete the Microsoft Office installation. Select all of the recommended, default options

Enter the temporary key from the Microsoft redirect page when the Microsoft Installer Wizard prompts you to do so.

Click “Finish” to conclude the Microsoft Office activation.


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