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How to Activate Microsoft Office 2007


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Microsoft designed the activation procedures of Microsoft Office 2007 to halt illegal copying. Activation verifies that the installed Office software used a genuine product key. The owner of the product can install the software to two or three computers, depending on the type of suite. Activation occurs most often during installation. If bypassed during installation, the software prompts the user to activate 20 times. Failing to activate causes the software to run in reduced-functionality mode.

Insert the disk into the computer’s CD drive. The computer will recognize the disk in the CD drive.

Enter the 25-digit product key when prompted during the installation process. This begins the activation process.

Click either “Activate By Using The Internet” or “Activate by Using The Telephone.” You must have an active, enabled Internet connection to choose “Activate by Using the Internet.” After choosing “Activate by Using the Telephone,” use the drop-down boxes to indicate the location of the computer and the person. Locate the installation ID, which is on the monitor. Call the Activation Center. Enter the confirmation ID; the representative will relay the number during the phone conversation. Click “Enter.”


  • If activating after installation, find the product key, enter it when prompted upon opening the software and choose to activate by Internet or phone.
  • If you did not activate by the 20th time of opening the software, click “Activate Product” on the Help menu of the Office software.
  • When updating the software, Microsoft asks users to scan the software for a valid product key in a similar process called Validation. The process is not activating the software; software owners need to only activate the software once per installation.
  • If the software failed activation for whatever reason, call the Activation Center to resolve the issue.


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