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How to Access My Cisco Wireless Router


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Cisco has two lines of wireless routers: Linksys and Cisco Valet. Both are used in home networks and for accessing the Internet from computers with wireless adapters. The setup and configuration is different for these two brands. You can use a Web browser to connect to a Linksys wireless router. Cisco Valet routers use an Easy Setup Key, which you plug into a USB port of your computer to install Cisco Connect software. After a computer has been set up to access either router the first time, connecting to the Internet is simply a matter of opening a Web browser.

Accessing a Cisco Linksys Router

Make sure that your Cisco Linksys wireless router is plugged into a power outlet and turned on.

  • Turn on your computer. Click on the “Network” icon in the notification area at the bottom of the Windows 7 desktop.
  • Locate your Cisco Linksys router located under “Wireless Network Connection.”
  • Enter a password if required. This is the password you entered when configuring the router’s security settings.
  • Open a Web browser and go to any page on the Internet to confirm you have access to your Cisco Linksys wireless router.
  • Type “” in the address field of your Web browser at any time to access the administrative panel of your Cisco Linksys router.

Accessing a Cisco Valet Router

  • Follow steps 1 to 3 in the preceding section if you have already installed Cisco Connect to your computer and have previously accessed your Cisco Valet wireless router from your computer. If this is the first time connecting to the router, continue to the step 2.
  • Insert the Easy Setup Key that came with your Cisco Valet wireless router into a USB port in your computer. A pop-up window appears on your screen.
  • Select “Connect to Your Cisco Valet.” The Cisco Connect installation wizard launches.
  • Follow the instructions presented, which include how to turn on and configure your Cisco Valet wireless router and how to connect it to the Internet. When the installation has completed, a Congratulations screen appears. Click “OK,” and safely remove the Easy Setup Key.


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