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How to Get Yahoo Messenger to Work with Google Chrome


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Chrome is a Web browser developed by Google. Because of its fast speed and reliability, many users choose Chrome over Internet Explorer. However, if you use Yahoo! Messenger instant messaging service, you may have noticed that both don’t tend to work simultaneously. Your Yahoo! Messenger ceases to run while you are browsing the Web on Google Chrome. Or even if it runs, Yahoo! Messenger tends to crash while Chrome is open.

  • Update Internet Explorer. Even if you do not use Internet Explorer (IE) to browse the Web, it is a critical component to ensure proper working of Yahoo! Messenger. It will also ensure increased functionality and stability with Yahoo! Messenger. Navigate to the Internet Explorer website and download the most updated version of IE.
  • Update Yahoo! Messenger. An outdated version of Yahoo! Messenger will have issues with Google Chrome. Visit Yahoo! Messenger website and download the latest version.
  • Clear the Web cache in Google Chrome. Click the tool icon at the top right corner of your browser next to the address bar and select “Options.” Click the tab “Under the Hood.” Click “Clear Browsing Data.” Check “Empty the cache” and click “Clear Browsing Data.”


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