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How to Fix a Wireless Connection on a Dell Laptop


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Most Dell laptops have a wireless receiver installed on the computer, allowing you to connect to an outside Wi-Fi network. This frees up your system from the wired cable connection. If your Dell laptop is not connecting to the wireless connection, you need to troubleshoot the settings to correct the problem.



  • Move the laptop closer to the wireless source. If it is out of range the laptop is unable to acquire the wireless connection.
  • Right-click the wireless icon on the desktop. You must select “Enable” from the pop-up menu. If the wireless receiver on the Dell is not enabled you are unable to connect to the computer.
  • Right-click the wireless icon again and select to search for available wireless networks. Connect to a wireless network for which you have the password. Without the password, you are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • Restart the computer. Sometimes hardware and other features on the system do not work properly on start up. Powering down the system, then turning it back can correct this problem.
  • Install the drivers for the Wi-Fi back on to the laptop computer. The drivers may have been removed, causing the computer not to connect to the wireless networks. Connect to a wired connection. Navigate to the “” website, select “support,” “drivers and downloads.” Choose your computer make, model and operating system. Select the wireless receiver download. Wait for the driver to completely download to the computer. Double-click the downloaded file to load the installation wizard. Follow the prompts for the installation wizard to set-up the driver. Restart the computer once again. Your system should be ready to begin using wireless connections.


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