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How to Fix a Toshiba Laptop


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Like any complex machine, a Toshiba laptop can suffer from a number of problems and errors that require troubleshooting and repair. While some can easily be fixed by the consumer, other troubles require a more professional touch. All the same, at least diagnosing the problem afflicting your Toshiba laptop is generally always possible.

Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba Laptop

  • Examine the power of your computer. Presumably you have made sure it is powered on, but are the brightness settings all the way down? Having the brightness setting reverted to its lowest increment can result in a dark computer screen and a laptop that does not appear to be on or working, when in reality it is operating just fine. Check the battery indicator light on the laptop, and on the AC power adapter itself (if applicable). Consider unplugging the power adapter from the wall outlet and switching it to another outlet, as this could have been a problem. If this still does not cause the computer to power on, move forward.
  • Check the specifications for your computer. How old is it? Your Toshiba laptop may simply have a dead laptop battery inside that needs replacement. Older laptops may be particularly susceptible to such a battery problem, due to the nature of the nickel cadmium batteries used.
  • Listen to your computer at startup, if your computer is able to power on. If not, it could be a battery or connection problem (see Step 2). In the event of a computer that is receiving power but still has a blank screen, it is not automatically a video problem. Listen for the laptop fan, specifically. If it is running, then it likely is a video problem. If you cannot hear it, you can narrow down the Toshiba laptop problem to a probable general motherboard/power failure. That problem requires professional assistance.
  • Find or purchase a VGA connector cable, if the laptop fan seems to be running as it should. Plug this cable into both your Toshiba laptop and an external, unrelated monitor of your choice. Power on both the Toshiba and the external monitor and see if the external monitor works and displays as it should. If the external monitor works as it should, the problem then lies not with the motherboard of your Toshiba laptop, but with the systems underlying the makeup of the LCD monitor of your device. LCD screen replacement is not a simple task, and sending off your unit to Toshiba for evaluation and work is recommended.
  • Get your hard drive replaced. If all the above problems are crossed off your troubleshooting list, it is likely a hard drive issue. As long as the hard drive is the right size, it will be compatible with your Toshiba. Buy it, and unscrew the screws on the base of your laptop, which will reveal the area that allows you to remove the old hard drive and slide in the new. Refer to your Toshiba owner’s manual for more specific instructions, if necessary.


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