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How to Fix Most Outlook Problems


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Experiencing frequent Outlook problems can put a dent into your productivity. You may find that you cannot open your personal folders, cannot send email or log in to Outlook. Fixing these common Outlook problems takes just a few minutes.

  • Double-click “scanpst.exe” located at c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12 (after exiting Outlook). Enter the name of the .pst file you want to scan in the “Enter the name of the file you want to scan” field. Click “Start.” Repair any errors the scan finds.
  • Clean up your inbox by clicking “Tools” and “Mailbox Cleanup.” Click “Find” to search for files larger than 250 kilobytes and delete any large files you do not need.
  • Click “Auto Archive” to archive files that are very old while in the “Mailbox Cleanup” window. This resolves a problem where you cannot send email because you have reached your inbox size limit.
  • Make sure Outlook is completely closed (from the previous session) in the event that you cannot open the program. Click “CTRL+ALT+ Delete” to bring up shutdown options. Choose “Start Task Manager.” Click on the “Processes” tab and end the “OUTLOOK.EXE” process.
  • Delete any instances of “OUTCMD.DAT” if Outlook will still not open. Click on “Start” and “Computer” to open an Explorer window. Type “OUTCMD.DAT” in the “Search” field to find any instances of the file.


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