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How to Fix a Norton Security Certificate Problem


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Over the past few years, users of Norton Internet Security have seen a recurring problem arise where Norton will display a security certificate error when accessing webmail or other secure websites. The error will display a message stating that the security certificate for the website you are visiting is not available or cannot be verified and will not let you view the site. Each time that Norton has had the issue arises; they have updated the affected product and issued instructions to fix the problem. You can also check your web browser settings to help rectify the problem in the event you are not able to update your Norton products.

  • Open and run Norton Live Update on your computer. This will ensure that you have the latest updates for your security software that could be causing the security certificate problem you are observing.
  • Open your web browser. In Internet Explorer, select “Tools > Internet Options” and click the “Advanced Tab”.
  • Click the “Security” tab and check the “Check for server certificate revocation” check box followed by the “Apply” and “Ok” menu buttons and restart your computer.
  • Run a complete anti-virus scan of your computer with your Norton security product. After the scan is complete, select “Clean infected files” for any malware returned by the scan.
  • Open your web browser and surf to the website that was indicating it had a Norton security certificate issue. Your security certificate issue will now be resolved.


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