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How to Fix a Mailbox Door


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A mailbox door may be opened several times a day, and over the course of several years, it’s all too common for the door to break or warp. You can solve a variety of common issues with simple repairs so you don’t have to replace the entire mailbox. Fix the door as soon as you note the problem so your mail doesn’t get lost, wet or even stolen.

  • Straighten the small metal catch at the top of the door that can become bent. Grasp it in your fingers and bend it back into shape. The catch is usually made of thin metal and is easy to bend. Open and close the door to make sure the mailbox latches properly.
  • Bend in the sides of the door. If the sides of the mailbox door have become bent and out of shape, use a chisel and your hands to gently reshape the sides back into position. They should be straight and not bend inward or outward.
  • Check the hinges and small screws underneath the door. Tighten if necessary and ensure the hinges are still functional.
  • Reshape the front of the door. If the door has become warped or misshapen, bend it back into its proper shape.


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