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How to Fix HP Office Jet 5510 Print Cartridge Errors


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Normally the HP Office Jet 5510 will print without issues. If you see lights are flashing or a message comes up on the PC’s screen that says there is a cartridge error with the printer, there are a couple of simple steps you should take to resolve any cartridge issues. Cartridge issues can also cause print-quality issues, making discernible differences in printed documents. If these steps don’t resolve the print cartridge issue, then a trained printer expert will need to fix the printer.


1-Turn on the printer and open the get to cover. At the point when the cartridge carriage comes to a stop, remove both print cartridges.

2-Pull the printer’s power card out of the electrical plug. Look over both print cartridges to ensure no defensive film is covering any part of the cartridge. Likewise observe any damage or tears to the copper strip on the back of the cartridge. If there is damage to the copper strip, replace the cartridge.

3-Reinstall the cartridges, ensuring the symbol on the cartridge matches the symbol on the cartridge slot. Ensure every cartridge snaps in place, and then close the get to cover.

4-Print a document with the printer. If the printer is as yet having print-quality issues, remove the cartridges again and put them on a paper towel. Take a moist microfiber cloth and clean the copper contacts on the cartridge.

5-Let the cartridge contacts dry totally before you reinstall the cartridges. Try printing a document with the printer yet again. If the print-quality issues continue, take the printer to a repair shop.

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