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How to Troubleshoot HP LaserJet 60.2 Errors


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The Hewlett Packard LaserJet series includes a variety of printers that give rapid print capacities. When one of these printers displays the 60.2 mistake code, this for the most part indicates an issue connected with the paper tray. If the error code coincides with loud banging while attempting to print, the issue may require proficient service to replace the tray motor, the lift drive get together or a controller board. Some of the time, however, simply removing loose paper from the tray resolves the issue.


1-Remove the paper tray from the LaserJet printer and take out the paper. Review the plate for any debris. Little bits of paper and different garbage can prevent the tray from lifting the paper properly.

2-Inspect the tray for signs of harm. Small cracks or worn parts can keep the tray from properly handling the paper. You should replace the paper tray if you find damage or extreme wear.

3-Return the paper to the tray, making sure to adjust the paper guides so they secure the paper into place. Putting the guides too tightly against the paper can cause the paper to rise marginally. This can result in the inability for the paper to feed properly. Then push the tray precisely into the printer.

4-Attempt to print an individual test page or submit a print job from your PC. Refer to the owner’s manual for guidelines on how to print an individual test page from your model LaserJet printer. If the issue holds on, contact a service proficient. On the other hand, try swapping the paper trays if your printer is outfitted with multiple trays. Replace the problematic tray if this resolves the issue.

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