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How to Fix an HP Deskjet Printer


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HP Deskjet printers are designed to make life easier for the user, whether it be a small business owner or a child writing a book report, by printing quickly and easily with results that approach professional quality. However, like most other forms of technology, some common issues can arise that will keep the HP Deskjet from working properly. Luckily, these problems can often be fixed without much trouble.

HP Printer

HP Printer

  • Check to make sure paper is in the printer. Having the printer run out of paper is a common problem and is the easiest issue to fix. A small window will appear during the printing process proclaiming the error. Slide the paper into the front mounted tray and click “OK” on the small pop-up window to continue printing.
  • Check to see if the USB cable from the printer to the computer is attached properly. It should be inserted snugly within both devices. Occasionally an error will occur that says the device cannot be detected. This is the first aspect to check.
  • Make sure the printer power is on. This may be why an “Unable to detect device” error is occurring.
  • Check the ink cartridge if the printed documents appear light or streaked. Open the front lid of the printer and remove either the black ink or color ink (depending on which is having trouble printing). Sometimes ink can dry on the tip of the ink cartridge, blocking the path of new ink. Clear this path by rubbing a damp Q-tip over the edge, removing all old debris.
  • Insert the driver disk into the computer. Sometimes the printer just won’t respond, even though nothing seems to be wrong. In this case, the driver might have accidentally been removed by other programs when cleaning the registry. Once the disk is in the computer the driver installation wizard will open. Follow the prompts to finish the driver setup. This should fix any problems the printer is having.


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