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How to Fix an HP 1510 Printer


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The HP PSC 1510 is labeled an all-in-one printer. This means that it can perform functions well beyond a conventional printer including faxing, scanning and copying. However, with this additional functionality comes more room for error. If you are an owner of the HP PSC 1510 and experiencing difficulty with your printer, you should follow some troubleshooting steps to solve the issues.


  • Check to ensure that the power cord is safely plugged to an active wall outlet if your printer is not turning on.
  • Make sure that the USB cable connecting your PC to your printer is safely connected if your printer powers on but won’t perform a print job.
  • Remove a paper jam if the “Check Paper” light on the front of the printer is blinking. To do this, first turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from the printer. Open the front cartridge door and locate the jammed paper. Delicately pull the jammed paper toward you. Connect the printer back to and turn it back on.
  • Connect your printer to an alternate USB port on your PC if you are facing slow printing. The slowness could be because of a connection issue with your PC’s USB port. After you’ve switched the port, try your print job once more.
  • Make sure that a phone line is safely connected from a phone jack to your printer if you are experiencing difficulty sending or receiving faxes.
  • Clean the scanner surface if your scans are hazy or have vertical white or black lines. To do this, spray the soft, lint- free cloth with a mild glass cleaner. Wipe the scanner glass with the cloth and then dry it with another clean lint- free cloth.
  • Hard reset the printer if you are experiencing difficulty solving your issue. Turn the printer off and remove the power cord from the wall outlet. Wait at least 15 seconds and plug the cord back in. Power the printer on and try your job once more.
  • ┬áRestart your PC if you can’t tackle your printing or scanning job. Sometimes restarting the PC can solve an unseen issue.

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