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How to Fix Errors on a Brother HL-2140


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Fixing errors on a Brother HL-2140 laser print can more often than not be accomplished by merely adjusting the printer’s settings, or removing and then re-inserting components like the drum kit, toner cartridge or fuser tray. This is especially true for dealing with paper jams, printing errors and print quality. All other errors, however, are likely to require submitting your printer for service at a licensed Brother Repair outlet.

Paper Jams

  • Clear paper from the inside of the unit by opening the front cover, gradually pulling out the drum unit and toner cartridge, removing the paper, re-inserting the drum unit and cartridge and closing the front panel.
  • Remove paper from the paper tray by pulling out the tray, removing the paper and re-inserting the tray.
  • Rectify a rear paper jam by opening the back cover, pulling the tab toward you to open the fuser cover, pulling out the paper, re-inserting the fuser and closing the cover.

Printing Errors

  • Press the “GO” button on the printer to print the remaining data in memory or cancel the job if you encounter “Memory Full” or “Print Overrun” errors.
  • Check that the paper tray has been properly installed and that the paper in the tray is straight if the printer submits a “No Paper Fed Tray 1” error.
  • Adjust the document’s complexity/size if the printer submits a “Resolution Reduced to Enable Printing” error. Prepare to replace the current drum if the message “Drum Life End Soon” appears.

Print Quality

  • Set up the printer in a room that is cool and not humid, especially if you encounter faint text despite having plenty of ink left. Also, turn off the “Toner Save Mode” function, try using a new cartridge and consider replacing the drum.
  • Replace both the toner and drum if a grey background appears on your printout. If it still occurs after that, then call for service, as the fuser unit has likely become contaminated.
  • Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit if your printout comes out all black. Accomplish this by opening the front cover, removing the drum and toner cartridge, sliding the green tab from left to right and right to left several times, replacing the drum and toner cartridge and closing the cover.


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