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How to Fix a Display Driver That Stopped Working in Windows XP


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Display drivers are pieces of software that interface with your operating system and your display adapter to put an image up on your monitor. Each individual manufacturer makes their own proprietary drivers for Windows XP and their graphics adapters, and within each driver set is a driver sub-set for specialized adapters Although it sounds complicated, when something goes wrong with a driver the only tried-and-true fix is an update or a complete removal and re-installation of the driver. Starting from a clean slate is the only way to be sure you’re experiencing a faulty driver issue and not something more serious, like defective hardware.



  • Determine which graphics adapter you have in your PC. If you’re unsure, open the “Start Menu,” right click “My Computer” and select “Properties.” Select “Hardware” and then “Device Manager.” Locate the option for “Display Adapter” and click the “+” icon to its left to expand it. Your graphics adapter’s manufacturer will be listed here.
  • Download Guru3d DriverSweeper and the appropriate graphics drivers. Make sure they are the latest version by checking the release date. Save them to a place where they can be easily retrieved, such as the desktop.
  • Double-click the icon for DriverSweeper to install it. Follow the installation prompts and make sure you know where the shortcut is to launch the program.
  • Navigate to “Start Menu,” “Control Panel,” “Uninstall Programs.” Locate the display driver’s entry in this list and click the “Uninstall” button. Follow the prompts and reboot when asked.
  • As the computer is rebooting, tap the “F8” key repeatedly. When the “Safe Mode” menu appears, select “Safe Mode with Networking,” and press “Enter.”
  • Double-click the icon for DriverSweeper. Select your graphics card manufacturer from the list. Click the “Clean” button and allow the program to run. If prompted to reboot, click “Yes.” Otherwise, reboot the computer manually.
  • Double-click on the icon for the previously downloaded graphics drivers. Follow the installation prompts carefully. Allow the program to run and when asked to reboot, click “Yes.”


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