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How to Fix Connection Problems With a Browser


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When your browser cannot connect to the Internet, more than one problem may need to be addressed. Connection problems with your browser can have many causes and fixing them may require more than one solution. The steps you take depend on the type of browser.

  • With Internet Explorer, delete Temporary Internet Files. Click the Tools drop down and select Internet Options. Click “Delete” under Browsing history. Put a check in the options for Temporary Internet Files and then click “Delete.”
  • With Firefox, delete the Browsing History. Click the Tools drop down and select “Clear Recent History.” Click the arrow on the Clear Recent History window and put a check in the option for “Cache.” Click “Clear Now” to delete the cache.
  • Verify that your firewall is set to allow your browser to access the Internet. If you receive a notification that a changed program needs to access the Internet, you will need to allow access. Turn off your firewall to see if it is blocking your browser from commenting to the Internet.
  • Disable the antivirus program running on the computer and then open your browser. If the browser connects without any problems, your antivirus program is preventing the browser from connecting. This will require you to adjust the settings for your antivirus program.
  • Run a spyware scan on your computer using a program such as Spybot — Search and Destroy. Save the file to your system and then double click on the setup file to install the program on your system.
  • Rename the Hosts file on your system and try to connect with your browser, to see if it is causing problems with the connection. Right click on the Hosts file and select “Rename” from the context menu. Add a letter or number to the beginning of the file and click “OK.”
  • Reset your modem if you are using a dynamic IP address. The easiest way to reset a modem is to turn it off and then back on.



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