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How to Fix a Canon Pixma MP480


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Canon has line of printers it calls its “all-in-one” printers. These printers can perform multiple functions in addition to simple printing tasks. The Cannon Pixma MP480 is a color printer that handles both photos and traditional create tasks. Further, the Pixma MP480 is equipped with a photo copier and a scanner. If you are experiencing issues with the printer, photo copier or scanner, you can repair them and possibly fix them

  • Securely link the cable to the printer and the wall plug if the energy is sporadic or completely missing. The cable joins to the rear of the Canon Pixma MP480.
  • Remove a document jam if the printing device stopped in the middle of a job. Look for the jam near the rear plate or the document outcome slot. If you can see the document jam without opening the unit, gently eliminate the document jam and media the “OK” button on the printing device. If you can’t see the jam, switch off the printer and start the scanner bed. Locate and eliminate the document jam. Press “OK” after the jam is cleared.
  • Select the “Prevent Lack of Print Data” option if your create or duplicate job cannot complete. Just click “File” and then “Print Options” in the program you are trying to create from. Then click “Page Setup” and then select the “Prevent Lack of Print Data” check box. Try your create or duplicate job again.
  • Free up difficult generate drive area if your create or duplicate job is not finishing. Sometimes a lack of memory on your difficult generate can cause the create or duplicate job to hold. Remove any unnecessary files on your generate to totally release area and try your create job again.
  • Connect the USB cable to a different USB port on your pc if you are receiving an error message during a check out job. Try your check out again.
  • Restart your pc if the scanner is not replying. Restoring may allow the pc to totally reset and fix any scanning device issues.
  • Change the quality on your pc if the scanning device is extremely slow. Open the MP Gps software that is installed on your printing device. Just click “File” and then “Scan Settings” to specify a quality. Solutions should range between 75 spots per inch (dpi) and 300 dpi.
  • Reset your Cannon Pixma MP480. Convert off the printing device and remove it from the opening. Wait a few seconds before connecting it returning in. Try your create, check out or duplicate job again.

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