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How to Find Out Email Passwords


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Any time attempting to sign into your email account, you may find you no longer remember the right password to access the information. Thankfully, the email account has a few shields to help grant you access and remind you of your password. Any time you first opened the account, you should have been asked several questions and answers only you might know (such as the name of your first pet or what street you grew up on). These questions to help you obtain the e-mail password.

  • Open the Internet browser and navigate to your email provider’s website.
  • Click the “Can’t remember password” option.
  • Type in the user name and choose “Submit. ” The particular email provider scans for your account and then brings up the safety questions you selected when starting the account.
  • Type in the answers exactly as you did before (correct spelling and same capitalization). Click “Submit” and the email provider connects you to your email account and shows you your account password for future use. You might like to write the password down to prevent any further issues with logging onto the account.


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