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How to Find an Email Password for Hotmail


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Your Hotmail account is the place where you send and receive emails. In order to check your email account, you’ll need your user name, which is your email address, and you’ll need a password. If you have forgotten your Hotmail password, you can find it from Hotmail, as long as you have the correct information.

  • Go to the Hotmail log-in page.
  • Click “Forgot Password,” located underneath the log-in information. Input your email address and click “Retrieve Password.” Answer the security question associated with your email account. If you answer it correctly, Hotmail will send your password to your alternate email account you have on file with Hotmail. You can log into that account to find it.
  • Click on the “Reset Password” link on the Hotmail page. Input your email address and answer the personal or secret question associated with the email account. Provide your alternate email account, which must match with the one on record. If you provide the correct information, your password will be reset. Hotmail will send you an email with your new, reset password to your alternate email account.
  • Click on the Password Retrieval Form found at Hotmail Live Support (see Resources). If you do not have the answer to your secret question or access to your alternate email address, fill out the form, using as much personal information as possible. Hotmail must receive the form and have enough personal information to prove beyond any doubt that the email address belongs to you. Usually, this can be very difficult to prove. If you answer the questions to the best of your ability and click “Submit,” you can usually receive your email password or at least a password hint to help you remember.


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