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How to Erase a Bank Download in QuickBooks


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Many QuickBooks customers choose to use online banking services to move funds and access financial information from within the QuickBooks interface. One benefit of online banking is the ability to download bank transactions such as checks and deposits, freeing the user from having to record these transactions manually. Problems can occur, however, when a user does record one or more transactions and then performs a bank download. The easiest way to prevent these duplicate transactions from appearing in the account is to erase a bank download in QuickBooks.


  • Open the Online Banking Center from the QuickBooks main menu. View the Online Banking Center “Items Received” list on the left side of the screen.
  • Verify bank transactions. QuickBooks does not automatically add downloaded transactions to your register. All transactions have a status of “Unmatched” until you click the “Add Transactions” button. Verify the date, payee (description), check number and amount before adding any transaction.
  • Erase duplicate downloads. Press the “Select Items to Delete” button at the bottom of the window and select one or more transactions to erase, and then click the “Delete Selected” button.
  • Add remaining transactions, if any, to your QuickBooks register. To ensure transactions map to the appropriate account, select them one at a time versus adding all transactions as a batch. For an expense payment, select the transaction, select the appropriate account, such as “Supplies,” “Advertising,” or “Meals and Entertainment” from the drop down list, and then click “Add to QuickBooks” to send the transaction to your register. For a Vendor payment, place a checkmark next to the invoices you are paying with the check. For a deposit, ensure the “From Account” is correct. Complete this process for all remaining transactions.


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