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How to Enter Income in QuickBooks


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QuickBooks is a professional accounting software program developed by Intuit to help businesses manage their finances. QuickBooks allows users to set up and categorize accounts, manage and track financial data, create a budget and produce reports. Income received from customers or clients is entered into the software as payments received and is recorded into the application’s general ledger. You must have a client or customer account already set up to enter income into QuickBooks, or you will need to create a new customer account for that client.

Current Customer

  • Launch QuickBooks, and then click the “Receive Payments” icon on the homepage.
  • Click “List,” then double-click the customer who paid you.
  • Click “Add Payment,” then enter the payment information in the appropriate fields. Click the “Save & Close” button to record the income.

New Customer

  • Launch QuickBooks, then click “Lists” from the main menu bar and click “Chart of Accounts” from the drop-down list.
  • Click “Account” at the bottom of the list of accounts, and then click “New.”
  • Click the type of account profile that you want for the new customer from the “Type” drop-down list. Enter the required information about the new customer in the appropriate fields.
  • Click “Next,” then enter the initial payment amount received. Click the “Save” button to record the income.

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