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How to Enter Credit Card Charges Into QuickBooks


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QuickBooks by Intuit is financial management software created to help you track your business budget using your credit cards and bank accounts. Add all charge accounts to QuickBooks to ensure your profit and loss projections are accurate for tax season. If you make frequent charges on your credit card, import your transactions or manually enter them into QuickBooks weekly so that your records are always up to date. To enter your charge accounts, you must have a valid credit card.

  • Open your QuickBooks software.
  • Click “Credit” next to Record Expenses in the Money out category of your left shortcut menu.
  • Click “Yes” when prompted to enter a new credit card account. If you have already added your credit card information, skip this step. Add your credit card account, Account Name, which can be the name of your creditor, then enter your credit card account number. Choose a tax line from the drop-down menu. This line represents the tax category your business credit card expenses full under when filing your taxes. Enter an “Opening Balance.” This is the current balance of your credit card before adding in new charges.
  • Click “Save & Close.” Enter your charge expenses in the credit registry. Add the date, the Reference ID, payee, expense category and the amount of the transaction under Decrease. The reference ID you choose may correspond to an invoice number or other number used to identify your business transactions.
  • Click “Record” at the bottom of the registry to save your credit card charge details. Click “File” then “Save” to save the changes to your QuickBooks profile.

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