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How to Database QuickBooks Company Files


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When a QuickBooks company information file has had many dealings over a long time, the space taken up by the QuickBooks software increases. This can cause extreme slowdowns of the QuickBooks operating procedure. The solution to this is to database the previous years of your company information files. In older editions of QuickBooks, this technique was known as “archiving”; in the newer editions, stage system “clean up company information.” This procedure condenses the first year’s company information files by taking out the information each closed transaction, leaving only the some.

Create and Preserve a Backup

  • Insert a flash drive generate or CD-ROM into the computer.
  • Click on the “File” button in the top selection bar, then choose “Save Copy or Back-up.” You will be asked where you’d like to avoid wasting this backup; choose the flash drive generate or CD-ROM.
  • Click in the “Name of File” box and type “Archived” before the extension. Just click “OK,” and the information file will be backed up onto the flash drive generate or CD-ROM.

Archive the File

  • Click “File” on the top selection bar and choose the “Utilities” option. When the next screen reveals, click “Clean up Company Data.”
  • Select “Remove Transactions as of a Specific Time frame.” The date you choose will be the closing date; all dealings before that date will be compacted and the information those dealings will eliminate.
  • Click “Next” to open the next screen, where you will choose additional criteria for eliminating dealings. There are four options: eliminate uncleared bank and bank card transactions; eliminate dealings noticeable to be printed; eliminate invoices and estimates noticeable to be sent; eliminate dealings containing unbilled or unreimbursed costs. Just click “Next.”
  • Choose to delete products which have no dealings in the next screen that reveals. This stuff includes accounts, customers, vendors, other names, invoice products and “To Do” notes.
  • Click “Begin Clean-up.” Preserve the cleaned-up information file to the desktop or hard generate to keep working in QuickBooks.

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