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How to Create a Password in TurboTax


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Turbo Tax is tax preparation software that helps millions of taxpayers complete their federal and state income taxes. The files that are created hold sensitive and very private information about oneself and family. To add a layer of protection to this vital information, everyone should password protect all tax files. Read on to learn how.

  • Launch the Turbo Tax program and open the file you wish to password protect. If you are starting a new tax file, select “File” and “New Tax Return.”
  • Select “File” from the menu at the top of the screen. Click the option “Password.” A new window wills popup for entering of the password.
  • Enter your password and then re-enter to confirm spelling. Think wisely about your password. It should be something which comes to mind when starting to work on your taxes, but safe and secure enough to keep others out. The password is case sensitive so you can add capitals to the middle of the password. Numbers placed anywhere in the password also makes it more secure.
  • Choose a security question from the menu options. The answer should be something only you or people you want working in this file should know. Answering this question will allow access to the Turbo Tax file.
  • Change the password at any time if you feel that it is necessary. Open the Turbo Tax file, and gain access by entering the current password. Select “File” and “Password” from the menus. Delete the existing password and confirmation password and re-enter the new ones. Select “OK” and you now have a new password.


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