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How to Convert an OST File to a PST Manually


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An OST file holds Microsoft Exchange storage data including emails, contacts and calendar appointments. Your Exchange server builds and adds to your OST file when you are logged in through Outlook. But when your computer is offline, the data in an OST file cannot be read. You can convert the data in your OST file to store it in an Outlook PST file for offline viewing using the database import feature built into Outlook.

  • Launch Outlook. Log in to your Exchange email server to view the contents of your OST file.
  • In Outlook, click “File,” then “Import and Export.”
  • Click “Export to a file” and “Next.”
  • Click “Personal Folder File (.PST)” and “Next.”
  • Click “Personal Folder’s” at the top of the list, and then click “Include subfolders.” This will export everything in your OST file into a PST file. Click the appropriate categories in the list if you want to export only certain data such as your contacts. Click “Next.”
  • Click the “Browse” button. Navigate to a folder on your hard drive where you want to store your PST file. Type a file name and hit “Enter.” Choose how you wish possible duplicate items to be managed.
  • Click “Finish.”


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