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How to Contact Turbotax Online


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TurboTax Online offers several ways to get around-the-clock support for any questions or issues that may arise during the use of their products. TurboTax’s customer service policy promises that you will be able to reach a representative or find an answer to your question with ease, regardless of how simple or complex your problem might be. Discover the variety of ways to get immediate assistance, and choose the method that is right for your schedule and needs.

Gather all relevant materials related to your issue. For instance, if you are asking a question about a particular type of tax, be sure that you have any necessary documentation in front of you. Note your personal account information, including the email address associated with your account, for the quickest, most efficient personalized assistance.

Get answers to your general questions using TurboTax’s automated customer service support options. Click “Ask” from the main support page to be directed to a chat session with a responsive “FAQ” assistant. Use this source for simple questions, such as when you can expect your tax refund to arrive or for basic help with tax forms. Click “Ask Live Community” to get customer service from a moderated set of customer discussions.

Talk to a representative if you need further assistance. Navigate to the “Contact Us” section of the support page, available via the link on the right side of the page or by visiting the link listed in the References section below. Input the nature of your question by clicking one of the three issue categories and selecting your question from the drop-down menu. Note the options that illuminate at the bottom of the page following your input. Select from email, online chat or phone call; note the estimated wait time given on each section. Be prepared to write your question and provide specific data before being routed to an assistance representative or provided with the telephone number for support.



If you are facing any kind of issues call us on our toll-free number 1-800-293-9401.

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