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How to Connect Printers to a Wireless Network Router


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Network printers are those that are connected with a wireless network. By “networking” a printer, you can provide several computer systems accessibility it through the wireless network. Networking needs a actual connection between the printer and the router. Once you have connected the printer to a wireless router, a pc can install the network printer to its configurations through the installation wizard.

  • Locate the Ethernet slot on the rear of the printer. Seek advice from the printer’s customer details if you cannot discover the main harbor on your own.
  • Insert the plastic connector at the end of the Ethernet wire into the printer’s Ethernet slot.
  • Locate the row of Ethernet slots on the rear of the wireless router. Seek advice from the router’s customer details if you have problems discovering the Ethernet slots.
  • Insert the plastic connector at possible end of the Ethernet wire into an available slot on the router.
  • These guidelines are for connecting a printer to a wireless router for social media reasons but you still have to set up your personal computer to work with the printer. To do so, go to “Start Printers” and “Devices Add a printer” to begin with up the printer set up wizard.

• This procedure may differ based on business and kind of your printer or router. If you need particular details about your router or printing device model, consult the consumer certification that came with it.


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