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How to Connect a Lexmark X4650 without Cords


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Some Lexmark printers, such as the X4650 model, are prepared with a wireless print server that allows a person to print page without connecting the printer to a PC using wires. The PC can connect with the printer over a wireless network set up at a home or an office. This provides customers more versatility to place the printer at an appropriate place and access it from anywhere.

  • Press the “Power” key on the printer to turn it on.
  • Insert the printer software installation CD in the CD-ROM generates of your PC click the “Run Setup” key when persuaded on the display.
  • Click the “Wireless Setup” key click the option marked “Assign IP deal with instantly.” Just click the “OK” key.
  • Click the “Connect to” key and emphasize your wireless network name from the list. Just click the “Continue” key.
  • Enter your wireless network key in the written text box called “Network Key.” Keep the area empty if you do not have a network key. Just click the “Continue” key to complete the <printer’s wireless setup.
  • Click the “Install Drivers” key to set up the printer on your PC. Just click the “Finish” key at the end of installation. This will link your PC to the printer over the wireless network.

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