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How to Connect an HP Wireless Laptop to a Network


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Hewlett Packard (HP) laptop computers generally come with built-in wireless cards that allow you to easily get connected to a network. By understanding how to create the connection, you’ll be able to use your HP laptop or computer for web browsing whenever you have access to a wireless network. It only takes a few simple making the connection.

  • Turn on the wireless network cards if it is not already on. On HP laptop computers, the move to make this happen is usually situated on the front of laptop computers, although it might be independently. When it is off, a ruby mild will demonstrate. When you glide it across to the on position, you will see a red mild.
  • Double choose the wireless symbol on the Windows plugin. This symbol looks like a small laptop or computer observe with two curly collections at its right. This will start a box displaying the current wireless connection position.
  • In the box, simply choose the end right-hand part that says View Wireless Networks. Your HP laptop or computer will instantly identify any wireless networks that are within variety and will demonstrate whether they are properly secured or start.
  • Click the appropriate system to which you want to plug your HP laptop or computer and then choose the Connect key at the end right of the box. If the system is properly secured, you will need to get in a security password. If it’s a start system, your HP laptop or computer will acquire the IP deal with and fasten itself instantly. It should also get in touch to the same system whenever it’s within variety, as long as your wireless cards are converted on.
  • Check the text by starting your internet browser and a web page. If you cannot get connected to the Internet, restart your HP laptop or computer and do it again the same process.
  • If you are connecting to your own system and it is not properly secured, attempt to add security password security before you connect your HP laptop or computer. Anyone within variety can get connected to a system. A security password will ensure that you and those you choose are the only ones who can use the network.


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